Terms of use of the Website

Lea these Terms and conditions of use (“Terms”, “Terms and conditions”) at great length before using the http://www.birddogemail.com website (the “Service”) operated by BirdDogEmail, a.c. (“We”, “we” or “ours”).

Its access and use of the Service are conditional to its acceptance and fulfillment of these Terms. These Terms are applied to all the visitors, users and other people who accede or use the Service. When acceding or using the Service, it accepts to be subject to these Terms.

Availability, errors and vaguenesses

We are constantly updating our supplies of products and services. The products or services available in our webpage can arrive to have an out of date or incorrect price, to describe themselves of incorrect form or not to be available, and we can undergo delays in the update of the information of the Service and in our publicity in other websites.

We cannot guarantee and we did not guarantee the exactitude or integrity of any information, including prices, product images, specifications, availability and services. We reserved the right to change or to update the information and to correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without previous warning. We strived to solve any vagueness as rapidly as possible and to work with the Client to solve any problem that can arise, nevertheless, we cannot legally be responsible for any technical problem or nontechnician who can happen as a result of such vaguenesses.

Contests and Promotions

Any contest or another promotion (collectively, “Promotions”) available through Service can be prevailed by rules that are separated of these Terms and conditions. If it participates in some promotion, it reviews the applicable rules and our policy of privacy. If the rules of a promotion enter conflict with these Terms and conditions, the rules of the promotion will be applied.


When it creates an account with us, it must provide information to us that is precise, completes at any moment and present. Otherwise, a violation of the Terms will be considered, which can cause delays in the activation of the service, the partial or incomplete provision of the service or the cancellation of its account in our Service.

You are responsible to protect the password that uses to accede to the Service and for any activity or action under its password, or that their password is with our Service or a service of third parties.

You accept not to disclose his password to no third party. He must immediately notify it to us after knowing any breach security or nonauthorized use of his account.

He cannot use as user name the name of another person or organization or that is not legally available for its use, a name or brand that is subject to the rights of another person or organization which you without the corresponding authorization are not, or a name that is of another offensive way, vulgar or obscene.

Intellectual property

The Service and its original content, characteristic and functionality are and will continue being exclusive property of BirdDogEmail, a.c. The Service is protected by rights of author, commercial brands and other laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Leader. Our commercial brands and our commercial image cannot be used in relation to any product or service without the previous consent in writing of BirdDogEmail, a.c.

Connections to other websites

Our Service can contain connections to websites or services of third parties that are not property nor are under the control of BirdDogEmail, a.c.

BirdDogEmail, a.c. does not have control nor assumes any responsibility by the content, the policies of privacy or the practices of websites or services of third parties. In addition, it recognizes and it accepts that BirdDogEmail, a.c. will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, of no damage or inflict casualties or presumably caused by or in relation to the use or dependency of this content, goods or services available in or through these websites or services.

We recommended to him that it reads the terms and conditions and the policies of privacy of the websites or services of third parties that visit.

General rules of conduct

You recognize and accept that:

1. The use that does of this Site and the Services, including the content that it sends, will fulfill with this Agreement and all the local laws, norms and regulations, state, national and international applicable.

2. It will not collect nor it will reap (nor it will allow that nobody the more compiles or it gathers) any Content of the user (as is defined next) nor no information or not publicly identifiable personally on another User or any other person or organization without its previous consent in writing.

3. It will not use this Site or the Services of a way (according to BirdDogEmail determines it is to its exclusive and absolute criterion) that:

3.1. He is illegal, it promotes or it foments illegal activities;

3.2. It promotes, it encourages or the child pornography or the operation of children becomes jumbled in;

3.3. It promotes, it foments or one becomes jumbled in the terrorism, the violence against people, animal or properties;

3.4. It promotes, it encourages or one becomes jumbled in any mail nonwished or another not asked for massive mail, or I hack into or I hack into computer science or of the network;

3.5. It promotes, it encourages or it participates in the sale or distribution of medecines prescribed without a valid prescription;

3.6. It infringes the rights of intellectual property of another User or any other person or organization;

3.7. It violates the rights of privacy or publicity of another User or any other person or organization, or fails to fulfill any to have of confidentiality that must to another User or any other person or organization to him;

3.8. This Site operation of found in this Site interferes with the Service or;

3.9. It contains or it installs virus, worms, errors, Trojans, Bitcoin Miners or other codes, archives or programs designed or able to use many resources, interrupting, damaging or limiting the functionality of any software or hardware; or

3.10. It contains false or deceptive language, or unfounded or comparative affirmations, with respect to the services of BirdDogEmail.

4. It will not copy nor it will distribute in any means any part of this Site or the Services, unless he is in favor specifically authorized of BirdDogEmail.

5. It will not modify nor it will alter to any part of this Site or the Services found in this Site or anyone of his related technologies.

6. It will not have access to the Content of BirdDogEmail or the Content of the user through any technology or means who is not through this Site, or as BirdDogEmail designates it.

7. It accepts to make a backup copy of all their Content of user so that it can accede and use it when it is necessary. BirdDogEmail does not guarantee that Cuenta or Contenido of the User endorses no, and you accept as a risk the loss of all their Content of the User.

8. He will not return to sell nor he will provide the Services for commercial aims, including any of the related technologies of BirdDogEmail, without the previous consent in writing of BirdDogEmail.

9. You decide to provide identification with photo emitted by the government and/or commercial identification emitted by the government according to is required for the identity verification when it is asked for.

10. You know that BirdDogEmail can occasionally call it by its account, and that, to the aims of anyone of these calls, does not have any reasonable expectation of privacy during those calls; in fact, you accept to allow that BirdDogEmail, to its exclusive criterion, registers the totality of these calls, independent of if BirdDogEmail solicits to him in any particular call of consent that records this call. In addition, it recognizes and it accepts that, in the measurement allowed by the applicable law, anyone of these recordings can be presented as demonstrates in any legal procedure in which BirdDogEmail is part.

Without Spam; damages

It is not trash. We did not tolerate the Spam transmission. We control all the traffic towards and from our Web servers for indications of Spam. The suspicious clients to be using our products and services with the purpose of to send wished mail completely are not investigated. If we determined that there is a problem with the mail nonwished, we will take the suitable measures to solve the situation.

We define mail nonwished as the shipment of not asked for commercial mail (UCE), massive e-mail not asked for (UBE) or fax nonasked for (FAX), that are an e-mail or facsimile sent to the adressees as publicity or otherwise, without obtaining the confirmed consent previously to receive these communications. This can include, but it does not limit itself, the following thing:

1. Messages of e-mail

2. Publications of groups of the news

3. Messages of the system of Windows

4. Emergent messages (also known as “adware” or “spyware”)

5. Instantaneous messages (using AOL, MSN, Yahoo or other programs of instantaneous mail)

6. Announcements of rooms of chat in line

7. Book of visits or publications in the forum of the website

8. Requests of facsimile

9. Messages of texto/SMS

We will not allow that our servers and services are used previously for the described aims. In order to use our products and services, not only it must fulfill all the applicable laws and norms, but also it must fulfill this policy of nonSpam.

If we determined that the services at issue are used in association with the mail nonwished, redirigiremos, we will suspend or cancel any lodging of website, registry of domain, applicable mailboxes of e-mail or other services until the client responds. The applicant of registry or the client will have to respond by email electronic indicating that they will stop to us sending mail nonwished and/or will send mail nonwished in their name. In case we determine that the abuse has not paused after the services have been recovered the first time, we can terminate the lodging and the squares of e-mail associated with the name of domain at issue.

We encourage to all the clients and adressees of the e-mail generated from our products and services to inform suspicions into mail nonwished. Suspicion of abuse can be reported by email electronic [email protected]

You accept that we can terminate any Cuenta immediately that, to our exclusive and absolute criterion, we consider that is transmitting or is connected otherwise with any mail nonwished or another not asked for massive mail.


You accept to defend, to compensate and to exempt of responsibility to BirdDogEmail, a.c., to his directors, employees, contractors, agents and civil servers of and against each and every one of the reclamations, damages, obligations, losses, responsibilities, costs or debts and the expenses (including, among others, the honoraria of the lawyers) that are from: a) its use and access to the Service, of you or any person who use his account and password, or b) the breach of these Terms.

Limitation of responsibility

In no BirdDogEmail case, a.c., neither their directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers or affiliates will be responsible by no indirect, incidental, special, consecuencial or punitive damage, including, among others, the loss of benefits, data, use, the capital gain, or other intangible, resulting losses of (i) their access or use or incapacity to accede or to use the Service; (II) any conduct or content of any third party in the Service; (III) any obtained content of the Service; and (IV) nonauthorized access, use or alteration of its transmissions or content, either on the basis of guarantee, contract, offense (including negligence) or any other legal theory, or that or we have not been informed into the possibility of such damage, and even if one is that a resource established in this document has failed in its essential intention.

The company is not made person in charge of the damages caused by the loss of data, between which they are included, among others, problems of connectivity to Internet, you cut of electricity, faults of hardware, human faults of software, errors and the force of important events as fires, floods, other natural disasters and acts of greater force, labor disputes, accidents, acts military or terrorism, lack of commitment on the part of third parties, etc.

Resignation to the guarantee

Its use of the Service is under its own risk. The Service provides “Tal Cual” and “ACCORDING TO AVAILABILITY”. The Service is provided without guarantees of no type, or are express or implicit, including, among others, implied warranties of saleability, suitability for a particular intention, noninfraction or course of execution.

BirdDogEmail, a.c., do not guarantee that a) the Service will work in a while uninterrupted, safe or available or specific place; b) any error or defect will be corrected; c) the Service is free of virus or other harmful components; d) the results of the use of the Service will fulfill their requirements; e) will reach all the expectations that can have with the previous purchase of anyone of our Services.

Endorsements and loss of data

Its use of the Services is under its own risk. The service of backup copy of BirdDogEmail, once executes per week and sobrescribe anyone of our previous backup copies. One week of backup copies only stays simultaneously. This service is only provided to shared accounts and of remarketer as courtesy and can modify or be cancelled at any time to the single discretion of BirdDogEmail. BirdDogEmail does not maintain backup copies of dedicated accounts. BirdDogEmail is not responsible for the archives and/or data that reside in their account. You accept to assume the total responsibility of all the archives and transferred data and to maintain all the appropriate backup copies of the archives and data stored in the servers of BirdDogEmail.

Any shared account that uses more than 10 gigas of disc space will be eliminated of our weekly backup copy outside the site, excluding the data bases that continue being endorsed. All the data will continue reflected in a secondary unit to help to protect against the loss of data in case of fault of the unit.

Law that prevails

Any controversy or reclamation that arises from or is related to this Agreement, the formation in this Agreement or the breach in this Agreement, including any reclamation based on a supposed offense, will be in force by the substantive laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Leader.

Our breach to make comply with any right or disposition of these Terms will not consider a resignation to those rights. If any disposition of these Terms considers inapplicable disabled person or by a court, the remaining dispositions of these Terms will follow effective. These Terms constitute the complete agreement between us with respect to our Service, and replace and replace any previous agreement that we can have between us with respect to the Service.


We reserved the right, to our whole discretion, to modify or to replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is important will inquire with at least 30 days of anticipation before the new terms enter use. What constitutes a material change will be determined to our exclusive criterion.

When continuing acceding or using our Service after those revisions become effective, you accept to be subject to the reviewed terms. If he does not accept the new terms, he interrupts the use of the Service.

Contact to us

If he has some question on these Terms, contact to us.