Services Extra

The following Terms on watch (Agreement) are applied to all the additional services provided by BirdDogEmail (we) for you (the client). When buying our additional services, you accept these terms on watch. All the services, except the Shared Hosting, the Hosting Cloud VPS and the Hosting Dedicated Servant consider additional services.

Payment and reimbursements

An additional service only considers assets after sending the payment by the specific service. The availability of the service and the activation of the service can not happen simultaneously for the services that require human interaction.

The additional services that announce explicitly as including in any package of lodging in particular they are provided free whenever the package of lodging is active. Any other service that is not including free of charge with the services of lodging provided by the Company and not announces as “Only” appellant of “automatic renovation” following its cycle of invoicing publicized in the website of the Company or area of clients is formed as invoicing.

Gratuitous backup copy policy on watch

The company will do all the possible one to create gratuitous weekly backup copies for all the data of the clients.

The company is responsible to store at least one complete backup copy of the account of the client for all the services of lodging shared in a matrix of independent storage. The clients in servers Cloud VPS or Dedicated Hosting have right to gratuitous weekly backup copies realised in the same matrix of storage of their service that can be realised with the frequency that requires the Client to the size available in its servant.

The Client understands and accepts that she is the only person in charge to realise backup copies of the website and the content associated to the account, as messages of e-mail, data bases SQL, etc. The Company does not have responsibility or obligation to create additional backup copies, to store or to provide any backup copy in the website of the Client and another content, in addition to the backup copy including in our Agreement.

The Client understands and accepts that the Company cannot and will not be responsible for any damage, loss of data, loss of use or another loss that happens due to the lack of a copy of the website of the Client and another content or that has an obsolete backup copy of the Client, website and another content.

Policy of website transference free

The Company will deliver its better attack to transfer the website of the Client to its servers; nevertheless, this is only provided for the convenience of the Client, as a service of added value and the Company cannot make any guarantee with respect to the time, availability or possibility that the account is transferred their servers. Each company of lodging is organized differently, reason why the possibility that exists the company of previous lodging of the client keeps the data in an incompatible format. As result, some or all the data of the client could be impossible to transfer.

Each service of lodging has right to a gratuitous transference of website. To request of additional transferences of the website, the company will act to the benefit of the Client, but it can reject other transferences of the website in case the request is not financier, physically feasible technique or for the company. The Company reserves the right to apply additional tariffs by additional transferences of website not including in our Agreement.