About BirdDogEmail


We are a VPS hosting company of technological services dedicated to offer to integral solutions of lodging Web to small, medians and great companies, as well as to independent entrepreneurs anywhere in the world, by means of the creation and use of the best tools, the most powerful servers, and the technology more updated to be to the vanguard, satisfying therefore the needs with our clients in efficient and opportune form.

Our organization, initiates her activities in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state, in February of 2012, in order to offer services of Hosting of integral way, including Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Registry of Domains, Certificate SSL, Cloud Hosting, Corporative Mail, Design Web; objective that has stayed until the present time, thanks to the vision de futuro and perseverance of the CEO Luis González and its work party, highly jeopardizes with the ideal of the company.

BirdDogEmail has reached an extraordinary development, becoming the company leader in the industry of Hosting in Leader, with a positioning of unquestionable leadership in the region. We were based on the simplicity of use of our MySQL, PHP, and many more services and on an attitude of continuous improvement that it involves to each member of the company.

Our work party is made up of professionals highly described, with great talents and capacity to work in equipment. In BirdDogEmail we understand that who make the difference, they are the people who work to offer a unique experience on watch to our clients. We value our human capital, understanding it as the link fundamental to achieve the success in our objectives as company.


Our philosophy is impelled by desire to constantly attract, to satisfy and to exceed with our services the expectations of our clients, with a high degree of social, commercial and legal responsibility; supported in our human talent highly it jeopardize within the most modern paradigms of management and technology that leads to the shared benefit and the development of the region.


To be an organization of world-wide class in the provision of services of lodging Web, within an atmosphere of total quality, with high operative efficiency, competent human talent and technology of vanguard, able to sustain a successful growth and to contribute to the social development.

Corporative values

  • To do the correct thing.
  • Respect on the other, always leaving positive and lasting memories in the others.
  • To be always better than today.
  • To be successful as equipment and to excel as people.
  • Responsibility, innovation and passion by the work.
  • To maintain the economy of the company.

Our Equipment

Who we realised workings in BirdDogEmail we were aligned to the profit of compatible common goals and to the growth of the company. These objectives are possible thanks to the people who conform a professional equipment highly enabled and that by on all the things shares the values that guide the culture of our company.